BBP Provides Full Compliance

In 2013, the City of Boston enacted the Building Energy Reporting and Disclosure Ordinance. This ordinance requires large buildings to annually report their energy and water use and greenhouse gas emissions to the City, which will then make the information available to the public. The ordinance will help building owners identify opportunities to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Non-residential properties over 50,000 gross square feet were required to begin reporting last year, and, as a result, over 25% of all building area in Boston is now tracking and understanding its energy use.

This year, large residential buildings must begin reporting, and, as a result, the following properties are required to report by May 15, 2015:

  • Any building over 50,000 gross square feet or with 50 or more residential units must report.
  • Any tax parcel with multiple buildings that sum to at least 100,000 gross square feet or 100 residential units must report on all its buildings.

To learn more about getting started, please visit:
City of Boston: Building Energy Reporting & Disclosure Ordinance

Article provided by the City of Boston Environmental Department

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