BEYOND Comfort

Setting a new standard for premium office space

BEYOND Comfort is Albireo Energy’s creative solution for uneven air distribution using an innovative, patent-pending design for VAV systems.

BEYOND Comfort: Redefining comfort in the workplace

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A simple solution for the #1 office building complaint

Employees often are too cold or too hot in offices and conference rooms. With BEYOND Comfort, temperature control is achieved by replacing each room’s manual balancing damper with an automated control damper.

Discover comfort with the app

Not only does BEYOND Comfort enhance other building systems, there’s an app as well. The app allows individuals to adjust the temperature in their offices. Facilities managers can monitor their properties on the go, anytime.

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  • Patent-pending technology
  • Automated space control damper + multiple reheat coils
  • Requires less equipment, reducing maintenance costs
  • More efficient air balancing
  • Comparative costs to conventional installations
  • New vehicle to attain LEED points
  • Used in new construction and retrofits
  • Reduces mechanical infrastructure costs
  • App for occupants and facilities managers
  • Cost-effective heating within the entire floorplate
  • Occupants control their comfort levels directly
  • Reduces the overall VAV count by two-thirds

Understanding your needs

Solve the hot/cold office issue

Provide a comfortable workplace for productivity

Optimize your building’s overall performance

Improve occupant comfort while controlling costs

Give facilities team mobile tools for building management

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The problem with conventional variable air volume (VAV) design

Poor Control – VAV boxes that serve multiple rooms do not provide individual room control.

Expensive – Due to high installation costs, heating is typically only provided to perimeter areas.

Inefficient – Individual offices cannot be automatically turned off or setback when unoccupied.

BEYOND Comfort is the answer.

How we do it

Step 1

Replace the manual balancing damper with an automated space control damper and multiple reheat coils.

Step 2

A hybrid VAV box provides individual room control without adding more VAV boxes.

Step 3

Each room uses an individual physical or virtual thermostat with enhanced features.

Step 4

This technology has the unique ability to automatically calibrate air flow settings for each area served.

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Are you ready to convert the VAV boxes in your Class-A office building?

BEYOND Comfort signals a turning point for building owners and designers. Workers are more comfortable — and thus more productive — without additional costs. Contact us today to learn more.

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