Electrical Power Monitoring Systems

Albireo Energy’s EPMS division facilitiates power monitoring, optimizes power consumption costs and increases uptime

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Why Power Monitoring?

Power monitoring, often referred to as EPMS, is a way for facilities to manage and reduce energy and demand costs by constantly tracking the consumption of energy. It provides:

  • An understanding of what your continuous load (energy) should be
  • Insight into when the facility consumes the most energy and what the cost for consumption is (peak demand)

Without power monitoring, you may not fully understand your system’s power quality or energy usage over time.

Albireo Energy is certified in the leading Power Monitoring softwares highlighted by our Master EcoExpert Partner Integrator status with Schneider Electric, certified in Inductive Automation’s Ignition SCADA platform, and partners of Sunbird’s DCIM platform. Leading with vendor agnostic solutions provides end-users with the proper system for their operations.

Power Management Solutions

Our EPMS solutions enable customers to efficiently manage their power distribution systems no matter the size or complexity. From basic metering to advanced power quality, we can do on-site or off-site power management solutions to help you save energy and mitigate unplanned outages.

Cloud Hosted Solutions

Cloud Hosted Power Management

Financial Services Giant

Remote or Local Power Management for Metering Systems

Data Center

On-Premise with Dedicated Support for Critical Power Facilities

Albireo Energy is a certified Value-Added Reseller of diverse products in the Power Monitoring industry. Our solutions take a product agnostic approach to meet our client’s needs, preferences, budget and future expansion plans. Thoughtfully combining products leads to greater system capabilities and efficiencies.


Schneider Electric

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Skyscraper buildings

Veris Industries

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Elektro International

Industries we serve

  • Locate areas of energy waste and high use and take action to improve efficiency
  • Participate in demand response programs by tracking consumption patterns and managing loads
  • Automate emergency power test reporting to reduce the burden on your facility’s staff and improve the quality and accuracy of your compliance
  • Full analysis of your equipment performance to support proactive maintenance and extend lifespan
  • Eliminating the need for manual meter reading means less human exposure to hazards and improved health and safety of your employees
  • Understand where and how you are consumingg energy and work towards decreasing your carbon footprint
  • Predict problems and prevent failures to reduce maintenance costs
  • Manage your peak demand, balance loads and budget more accurately to find areas for reduced consumption and cost savings
  • Implement sub-metering to more accurately gauge tenant consumption 
  • Dashboards can provide an in-depth view to tenants of their individual energy usage
  • Option to have Albireo bill your tenants directly on your behalf
  • Minimize energy usage and maximize efficiency in the face of utility bills where you traditionally had little control

Colocation Provider Finds Success Formula

By creating robust BAS and EPMS light systems that monitor the electrical and mechanical systems efficiently through one pane of glass, Albireo solved the customer’s problem. They didn’t want to invest in two expensive systems; instead, they got one solution that effectively monitors both.

Financial Services Data Centers

Albireo created a cloud-based EPMS system that unifies 15 data centers. To facilitate the solution, we partnered with Verizon to establish a private network that Albireo owns and manages. The program is so successful that the customer wants to convert all of the EPMS systems at their U.S. data centers to the cloud.

Turnkey Solutions for BMS and EPMS Systems for Financial Services Giant

Albireo designed, installed, tested and validated powerful BMS/EPMS systems with an identical platform across five U.S. data centers. Phase one featured the installation of $20 million of equipment and software. We worked with three different construction managers and commissioning agents to complete this assignment.

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10 Mind-Blowing Energy Efficiency Actions for Data Centers

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Turn Energy Usage and Building Data into Actionable Items