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10 Mind-Blowing Energy Efficiency Actions for Data Centers

There is no doubt that data centers require a tremendous amount of energy to function. Energy efficiency is a top priority for data center managers. There are many no-cost high-level energy efficiency measures that can be implemented with immediate results that are often overlooked as managers concentrate on big ticket items or urgent upgrades. As often happens, the day-to-day production challenges can absorb the majority of a manager’s time so that the big picture is shelved for another day. Pulling in a firm to evaluate, devise and implement an overall beneficial strategy is a great way to take advantage of the opportunities for tremendous savings.

Albireo Energy has been working alongside data center stakeholders for years to create strategies and implement solutions for energy efficiency and cost savings. Here are ten energy efficiency actions that can yield significant savings:

  1. Create an Energy Management Plan
  2. Perform an Energy Audit to quantify existing conditions and usage
  3. Implement an Energy Measurement and Calibration Program
  4. Install submeters at key locations to measure energy usage of individual systems
  5. Install monitoring equipment to measure system efficiency and performance
  6. Implement a Continuous Commissioning Plan to monitor system health, capacity and efficiency
  7. Install IT Management Systems and Applications
  8. Adjust Cooling Plant system settings based on usage, turning off systems when not in use, raising temperature to increase chiller efficiency, and evaluate Dry Coolers
  9. Evaluate IT Power Distribution Chain, install premium-efficiency motors, and optimize energy use by selecting set points, heat source, etc.
  10. Install Energy-Efficient Lamps and Ballasts, Occupancy Sensors and Lighting controls

Is your mind blown yet? These are only a few high-level actions that can reduce energy use significantly, therefore reducing costs. The key to creating a successful Energy Management Plan is having a dedicated energy manager. Outsourcing your energy management to a firm with the depth and experience of Albireo can give an organization the advantage of a full team to provide services at the level needed. Energy audits, efficiency measures, cost of implementation and ROI are the start to gaining control of energy consumption. When Albireo evaluates the whole operation, they can recommend immediate, cost-free actions, urgent steps to correct under-performing or malfunctioning equipment and install monitoring sensors and software to set up the operation for continuous analysis. Commissioning and Re-commissioning are essential to keeping system operation at optimum levels and Albireo provides this service.

The energy efficiency measures listed here are only the tip of a very large and wide iceberg. While energy management is one piece of operating a successful data center, it can be a key to an efficient data center. The beauty of partnering with a firm like Albireo is that the energy evaluation and resulting strategies will affect the operation positively as a whole, improving the entire enterprise. Contact us to learn more.

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