About Us

Albireo Energy is a leading independent buildings controls and energy services provider recognized by customers for creating intelligent, high-performance buildings.

We see buildings in a different way.

We rely on our knowledgeable staff and strategic worldwide offices to deliver consistent service and product-agnostic solutions.

Why Work With Us?

Impressive Portfolio

With more than 35,000 installations, we work with all industries to include the largest, most recognized companies including 40 Fortune 100 and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.

Worldwide Footprint

With 39 offices, including 7 locations outside the U.S., and the ability to operate anywhere in the world, enterprise clients rely on our delivery capabilities with the convenience of a single point of contact.

Highly Trained Employees

Over 75% of our employees are highly trained engineers, programmers, integrators, technicians and project managers delivering efficient installation, commissioning and building performance services.

Full Turnkey Solutions

We design, engineer, install, commission and maintain building systems that are integrated to all facility assets through a single operator user interface.


Every industry can benefit from our solutions without boundaries through a single point of contact. We deliver results utilizing our in-depth knowledge of building automation, manufacturing and industrial systems.

Our Values

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Highest Integrity

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Three Albireo Energy workers wearing hardhats in an office.

We know building systems and how to give you maximum control over your assets. Why? Because 75%+ of our employees are technologists – engineers, programmers, integrators, project managers and technicians – who are with you through the life of your building. 

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Our Impact

It’s not all about delivering a portfolio of proven solutions: we recognize our actions affect the world around us. We strive to be good industry stewards and positively influence the next generation of smart, connected building systems. This includes improving sustainability, respecting safety and security, all while delivering an enhanced customer experience.

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10 Mind-Blowing Energy Efficiency Actions for Data Centers

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Turn Energy Usage and Building Data into Actionable Items