About Us

Albireo Energy is a worldwide provider of building technology solutions optimizing performance, reducing cost, increasing reliability and decreasing energy usage.

We are your partner for building solutions.

We rely on our knowledgeable staff and strategic worldwide offices to deliver consistent service and product-agnostic solutions.

Albireo Energy is a worldwide provider of technology solutions optimizing performance and reliability. We design, engineer, install, commission and maintain building systems that are integrated to all facility assets through a single operator user interface.

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Albireo Energy aspires to deliver mutually beneficial outcomes to each of our key stakeholders: employees, customers and vendors. Our smart building solutions and services deliver efficiency, comfort & infrastructure protection to complex facilities globally.

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To become the number one independent provider of smart building solutions and services in the world.

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Best Customer Value

Why work with us

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Extensive Experience

We have experience in all building automation technologies dating back 45 years.

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Impressive Portfolio

With more than 35,000 installations, we work with all industries to include the largest, most recognized companies including 40 Fortune 100 and hundreds of Fortune 500 companies.

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Worldwide Footprint

With 39 offices, including 7 locations outside the U.S., and the ability to operate anywhere in the world, enterprise clients rely on our delivery capabilities with the convenience of a single point of contact.

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Highly Trained Employees

Over 75% of our employees are highly trained engineers, programmers, integrators, technicians and project managers delivering efficient installation, commissioning and building performance services.

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Full Turnkey Solutions

We design, engineer, install, commission and maintain building systems that are integrated to all facility assets through a single operator user interface.

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Every industry can benefit from our solutions without boundaries through a single point of contact. We deliver results utilizing our in-depth knowledge of building automation, manufacturing and industrial systems.

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Financial Strength

With our strong financial balance sheet, we are well-capitalized to tackle projects of any size and grow with our enterprise clients across the globe.

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End-to-End Energy Solutions

Our customers benefit from energy solutions that address demand, supply and renewable needs. Our geographic footprint and custom solutions meet unique requirements as legislation and the energy markets change.

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Smart Building Solutions

We are the largest independent provider of smart building solutions in the United States. We focus on innovative IT/OT integrations to create high-performing, sustainable and intelligent buildings.

Meaning of Albireo

The Albireo Star is a brilliant double star in the Cygnus constellation — one blue and one gold — that complement one another. The double star is often referred to as the “Partner Star.” The Albireo Star symbolizes the values of Albireo Energy as we aspire to partner with customers, employees, vendors, and investors to cultivate mutually rewarding relationships.

Our Impact

It’s not all about delivering a portfolio of proven solutions: we recognize our actions affect the world around us. We strive to be good industry stewards and positively influence the next generation of smart, connected building systems. This includes improving sustainability, respecting safety and security, all while delivering an enhanced customer experience.

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