May 20, 2021 | Trends, Technology

Turn Energy Usage and Building Data into Actionable Items

Analysis of energy usage can identify problematic areas of energy consumption. Once identified, the work begins in designing a solution to the situation. Instrumental in decision making will be predictive tools to assist in evaluation of which path forward is the best.

Software Energy Management

Albireo Energy has spent years developing energy management software that is user friendly, convenient and easy to understand. Through many evolutions, utilizing technology as it became available, Albireo worked to create a system that was designed to optimize smart tech and provide real time information to management and key stakeholders.

The central dashboard provides a “single pane of glass” that shows data collected from multiple sources all in one place. Data is layered with analytics to offer insight into trends and performance. Equipment settings and outputs are provided to supply continuous commissioning to keep performance on track. The software detects faults for immediate recognition and evaluation.

Managers can take advantage of the comprehensive summary of their building. Using the data gathered by strategically placed sensors, managers can monitor occupancy, physical access and lighting requirements. With the simply displayed data points, managers can use the data to control the occupied environment with HVAC and lighting adjustments; increase the safety of the building with defined physical access control and intelligently schedule personnel, equipment and lighting maintenance or equipment replacement.

Using predictive software and energy modeling, managers can acquire realistic predictions of performance and energy usage of proposed upgrades. Iterations can be used to estimate return on investment of efficiency initiatives to inform decisions around equipment replacement or revised settings.

Utility Module

The Utility Module (UM) is software that provides comparisons of energy usage across a portfolio of buildings. This will allow stakeholders to focus on the worst performers and devise strategy to create the biggest savings.

The UM can also provide the information about consumption during peak and off hours. Strategies can be developed to reduce consumption during peak high-cost times. Armed with knowledge of the organization’s demand trends, energy procurement can be tailored to the specifics for the company to obtain the most advantageous deal.

So the output of Albireo’s data management software can result in action items that include equipment replacement, lighting adjustments, space utilization changes, maintenance schedule updates Predictive iterations can inform which solutions to prioritize. Partnering with a comprehensive smart building solutions provider like Albireo Energy can be the initial action step that sets an organization on a highly beneficial path to efficiency and cutting edge smart building technology.

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