Lighting Controls

Albireo Energy brings significant experience designing and installing the latest technologies for indoor and outdoor lighting to your next building and energy management project.

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Manage your lighting system, control your budget

Lighting typically consumes more than 30% of a commercial building’s energy usage. Up to 65% of lighting energy can be reduced through effective solutions and controls. With evolving mandates, it is critical to work with the right partner to implement the ideal lighting control strategy to meet your needs.

An integral part of your overall energy solution.

Albireo can fully integrate your lighting controls with your Building Automation System (BAS) to further reduce energy costs and maximize operational efficiency.

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  • Configured for optimal lighting
  • Smart-time scheduling
  • Task tuning and daylight harvesting
  • Occupant control
  • Energy reduction and savings
  • Increased productivity
  • Energy standards compliance
  • Improved safety and security
  • Open platform
  • Product-agnostic
  • Can be integrated to BAS solution
  • Adaptable for future innovations

Understanding your needs

Reduce energy costs

Encourage workforce productivity

Improve safety

Meet or exceed compliance standards

Reduce carbon footprint

Meet energy management requirements

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The right partner for your ideal lighting control solution

Whether simple or complex, Albireo Energy’s lighting control solutions help reduce your carbon footprint, save money, improve productivity and maintain compliance.

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Transform your environment with next-gen lighting controls

Work with the right partner to implement the ideal lighting control strategy. Albireo Energy will shine the light on your organization. Get in touch to see how we can change your building for the better.

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