May 23, 2016 | Announcements, Industry

Albireo Energy Partners with Underwriters Laboratories, Earns Right to UL Certify National Industrial Security Systems and Fire Alarm Installations

San Diego, California – May 23, 2016 – Building automation, energy services and life safety solutions provider Albireo Energy, LLC (“Albireo Energy”) today announced it has been authorized to provide UL- listed certificates for industrial security systems and commercial fire alarm installations.

Albireo Energy earned the prestigious National Industrial Security System Company (CRZH) andCentral-station Protective Signaling Services (UUFX-FD) designations from UL. Each of these designations is the highest tier certification obtainable in its respective category. Additionally, this allows Albireo Energy to issue “UL Certificates of Compliance” on security and fire alarm installations similar to a manufacturer earning a UL mark on a consumer product.

“This certification reflects our industry-leading consulting and installation expertise in security, fire alarm and life safety and allows us to not only design and install systems that meet UL standards, but to now certify them directly as UL compliant,” said Dan Coller, Vice President, Western Region, Albireo Energy. “This provides a tremendous value, convenience and assurance for commercial and institutional building owners, and we are honored to achieve what is the highest level of certification for UL in the Fire Alarm category.”

Albireo Energy has been pursuing UL certification for its projects in both fire alarm systems and building security for several years spurred by its extensive experience in the highly regulated military and federal government markets. The UL standard is the global, best-in-class safety certification for products and services and required for most commercial, industrial, higher education and government installations.

Albireo Energy’s certificates for “National Industrial Security Systems” and “Central-station Protective Signaling Services” serve as evidence that it (1) is authorized to furnish protective systems of the Type indicated; (2) is authorized to issue the Certificate for the installation as its representation that the equipment is in compliance with the requirements established by UL; and (3) is subject to UL’s field countercheck program whereby periodic inspections are made of representative installations to check the correctness of Certification practices. Albireo will be included in the UL Certifications Directory and can begin providing UL certificates immediately.

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