Sep 13, 2017 | Trends, Industry

Energy Purchasing for Franchisees

Albireo was created on one premise -to build a brokerage firm where energy could be purchased efficiently and effectively.  Our goal is to find a path to the best price, from the best supplier, for the best group of accounts, and to reward our clients with the benefit of our process.

Franchisees have always had the same philosophy – buy cheap, buy together, and squeeze every expense dollar for the business.

How does our business model  work?  Enrolled stores are aggregated  into buying groups that are specific to usage profiles, utility companies and load factors.  Much like purchasing  other products in a franchise model, there are  more favorable negotiating terms for  larger groups than for a stand-alone entity.  While the price is  not automatically  cheaper with more load, there are real benefits to being part of a group, such as  attracting suppliers that would not bid for a single  store.  To achieve group purchasing you only need to sign up your store and Albireo will perform  the necessary work to find synergistic partners within the pool.  We may sign up hamburger stores with hoagie shops, or coffee shops with general restaurants,through  groupings  within the Albireo portfolio.

Albireo has been executing on these buying groups since 2009 and regularly monitors the marketplace and analyzed the resulting benefits.  Through aggregating accounts, timing the markets, and auctioning bulk loads, the documented overall results are 15-20% cheaper pricing as part of the aggregation versus purchasing one store at a time.

Have the Albireo energy experts assist you in joining a local buying group.

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