Sep 13, 2017 | Announcements, Trends, Technology

What We Have Learned In Designing Energy Software

Albireo started out years ago with the objective of making utility reporting easy to access and even easier to understand.  Our initial dashboard was designed for property managers who have a multitude of daily priorities and many systems they must access to obtain critical information to manage their properties. The early portals were designed for users to access reporting online, but the adoption rate hovered around 15% for multi-month logins.  By continuing to design more deliverables, we tried to move that number up, but without any significant success.

Over the next several years, the mobile phone became the smart phone and provided yet another vehicle to engage users.  Unfortunately, as quickly as mobile apps were designed, users got app fatigue and that window closed almost as quickly as it opened.  Mobile is the future but no longer just a build it and they will come project.

Albireo continued to develop its email reporting, its online dashboard and its mobile app, which deliver unique content and action items for each user.  However, for each new platform released, it was clear that nothing could replace the human interaction between customers and their representative.

As UI/UX research expands, Albireo continues to learn how users consume information and want data delivered.  What is clear is that user engagement requires a potpourri solution and that all three delivery mechanisms have their unique audience.  What is also clear is that the preferred method by which Baby Boomers choose to receive reporting is very different from the preferred method of the Millennial.  In most all cases, the trends are towards digital on demand.

Over time, our research will guide development and system design will shift towards the younger demographic, as they become the next wave of managers.

Our journey has taken us from designing software which was accessible at any time to fully understanding how consumers want information delivered and just not available.  It is no longer about finding one path, but using every medium to its fullest advantage, to reach as many customers as possible.  We will continue to listen to our customers and utilize our development resources and tools to build the next bridge.  Let us know your thoughts.

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