Jan 8, 2018 | Trends

Are My Energy Costs Too High?

This winter is starting off as one of the coldest winters on record. Energy costs are escalating daily. We have no choice but to pay if we want to keep our homes and offices (and the people inside them) warm. But how do you know if you’re spending more than you should be? How can you stick to your energy budget? Here’s a few energy saving solutions:

  • Use less energy. It sounds simple, but turning off lights in empty rooms, and lowering the heat before you leave for the day can all help cut costs.
  •  Make your home and office more energy efficient. Proper use of insulation, taking measures to seal all cracks and openings during these cold winter months can equate to direct savings.
  •  Switch suppliers. The supplier you have always used may not offer you the best energy prices. Did you know suppliers can now bid on the ability to be your supplier?

This is where Albireo can help. We are a leading energy management firm that provides an outsourced energy manager service, which provides the best rates and tools to ensure the most savings.

Drop us a line or give us a call today to see how we can help you. [email protected] or 800-201-3153.

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