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What Does An Energy Consultant Do?

Consultants are very much a part of our culture. We use consultants all the time, although we may not call them that. Stockbrokers, lawyers, accountants and doctors are all professionals we consult when we need a subject matter expert. The job of an energy consultant is not any different. An energy consultant, also known as an energy broker, has expertise in the various facets of the energy market.

Choosing the Right Energy Consultant

Good energy consultants are well versed in energy rules and regulations that apply to the venues where their clients do business. They rely on deep market expertise and years of experience to analyze usage and rates and determine whether a business is paying a fair rate for its energy or if energy expenses can be reduced.

A good consultant should also have the knowledge to determine if the type of energy the client is currently using is the right choice for their business. With various forms of available energy, such as natural gas, oil, electric and even solar, it is the consultant’s job to analyze data with the client’s best interest in mind.

Finding An Energy Consultant

But where do you find an energy consultant? One that is reliable and trustworthy? Ahh, this can be the tricky part. Since deregulation came into play, allowing companies to choose their energy supplier, it seems like anyone can claim to be an energy expert, regardless of their experience.

This is where Albireo comes in. Albireo has some of the most experienced staff in the industry, with expertise in energy management and procurement. On average, Albireo has helped its clients reduce energy costs by up to 30%. Albireo serves more than 7,000 clients and assists them with budgeting, energy purchasing, benchmarking and more.

An experienced energy consultant is an invaluable resource for any business. That’s why you should trust the experts at Albireo. Whether you have a large portfolio or a single account, Albireo can help you manage your energy. Email us at [email protected] or call us today at 800-201-3153. Let Albireo power your business.

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