Mar 13, 2018 | Trends, Sustainability, Industry

Is Your Building Required to Benchmark Energy and Water Performance?

To track the energy usage of large commercial properties, most major U.S. cities have mandated benchmarking. Benchmarking requires property owners to annually measure their energy and water consumption and report usage to their cities through Energy Star Portfolio Manager, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) free, online tool.

So, how do you determine if your building is required to benchmark energy and water performance? Depending on where your building is located, there are varying parameters that determine if you must comply. For example, New York City requires reporting for covered buildings exceeding 25,000 gross square feet and two or more buildings on the same tax lot or owned condominiums exceeding 100,000 gross square feet. Washington, D.C. mandates benchmarking of privately owned commercial and multi-family buildings over 50,000 gross square feet and public buildings over 10,000 square feet. The deadline for New York City submissions this year is May 1st while D.C. is April 1st. Requirements vary from city to city and these are merely examples. Failure to meet the deadlines will result in substantial fines so it is important that you determine your obligations well in advance of the deadline.

A good first step to determine if your building needs to comply would be to contact the Department of Buildings or similar government office in the city where your building is located. They will have the exact requirements and regulations. Another resource is the Energy Star Benchmarking Programs and Policies document. This document contains benchmarking requirements on national, state, and local levels.

Albireo can assist you in determining if your building is subject to mandatory benchmarking. Albireo can also help you manage your energy budget. Contact us at [email protected] or call us today at 800-201-3153. Let Albireo power your business.

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