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Business Energy Management Software

Albireo Energy’s cloud-based business energy management software helps businesses manage their energy spend through its state-of-the-art data management platform which provides expense tracking, creates and reconciles budgets, sets alarms  and identifies inefficiencies.

Why Business Energy Management is Important

Not only is energy management necessary for keeping your business expenses under control, it’s also a valuable branding opportunity to promote sustainability and separate your company from the competition. Customers want brands to take the lead in energy efficiency and promote eco-friendly practices.  In order to remain competitive, companies need to be on the cutting edge when it comes to sustainability.

To accomplish energy savings and implement efficiency practices, companies require energy assessment software that accurately tracks their usage and costs. Using our line of software products, companies can control costs and achieve budget certainty in the volatile energy marketplace.

Business Energy Management Software

Our software allows companies to audit and monitor their energy usage and cost data. Albireo compiles all of a company’s energy data and utility bills into one location. With past historical information available, businesses can track the progress of energy efficiency policies month-over-month to determine their progress and create forward budgets.

Energy assessment software enables businesses to:

  • Budget smarter
  • Report energy data and budgets to stakeholders and relevant personnel
  • Track multiple utilities, including natural gas, electricity, water, sewer, etc.
  • Create real-time alerts for budgeting or energy monitoring processes

It also enables your brokerage to serve as an energy data company that obtains pricing based on energy analytics instead of guess work. With our branded set of products, including Contract Management Portal and EnergyAuctions, brokers can better serve their customers, advance their brands in the eyes of their customers, and solidify their relationships.

Our line of business energy management software pulls all of your business’ energy data and utility bill information into a single, auditable platform. By leveraging this data, businesses can save money on energy, create efficiencies and grow their business. It’s honestly as simple as that. So why wouldn’t you invest? Contact us today to learn more about our energy management solutions.

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