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How to Budget Energy Online

Albireo Energy offers proprietary tools to help businesses simply and effectively budget energy online. With access to commercial business utility data, our online energy manager can track energy spend and cost data in real time, based on usage patterns and current contracts.

Historic Problems with Energy Budgets

One of the primary problems in budgeting for energy is the volatility of prices. Just look at the fluctuating prices of gas and oil as a reflection of the energy market. Despite the decreasing cost of natural gas and electric generation, other factors, such as transmission, changing weather, and outdated infrastructure, can inflate and swing utility pricing.

Budget Energy Online with Albireo Energy

That’s why we’ve created our energy tracking software, designed for commercial energy brokers to assist their customers in energy budgeting. By analyzing historical energy data against proprietary insights from our software, brokers can help their customers create accurate budgets that account for changes in energy costs/usage data.

Using our energy management software, brokers can establish energy budgets for the upcoming year and track their budget performance month-over-month. All energy analytics are benchmarked against the set budget to determine whether there are budget overlays or whether customers have underspent.

Brokers and commercial energy customers can also track their budget performance while on the go with our mobile app. With our weekly scorecard, energy managers will always be informed of energy trends and stay in the know.

With out technology, you can budget and stay up-to-date on your current energy cost and usage data and keep your organization nimble. Our cloud-hosted solution and mobile app will always keep you informed of your energy needs. You can also set up energy alerts for even more control over your energy strategy.

The energy market is in a constant state of volatility, making energy management difficult, Albireo offers comprehensive solutions that add value to the market and makes it more responsive to brokers, suppliers and customers.

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