Aug 2, 2018 | Trends, Sustainability, Technology

How to Create Sustainable Energy Management

When thinking of ways to save energy, we need to think about how we can create a sustainable energy management strategy. This involves brainstorming ways to get your entire organization onboard with energy savings, as well as investing in a proprietary solution to track your energy.

The Foundation of Sustainable Energy Management

You can’t measure what you aren’t tracking! If you want to know how to improve energy efficiency, you have to look at where we are using the most energy and why. Using sustainable energy management software, you can track your energy usage and costs to discover where you are using energy effectively and where there are inefficiencies driving up your budget.

This can include everything from peak energy demand charges to costs you can’t control, such as transmission and load data. Energy analytics can also be used in budgeting and reporting to track the progress of energy management strategies and how much they align with business goals.

Sustainable Energy Management Strategies

Strategies to implement include reducing energy usage at peak demand, conducting energy efficient retrofits, and creating awareness around the organization on energy saving initiatives. Even the smallest policies of shutting off electronics or lights when not in use can drive significant savings to your organization.

Albireo Energy provides energy tracking software that gives insight into your usage and costs to help you make better decisions and create a sustainable energy management plan in your workplace. Learn more about our energy management software and see how to create commercial energy efficiency on a small or large scale.

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