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What is Utility Bill Processing?

Businesses have different energy bill needs than residential customers, often managing utilities across multiple locations, with payables due to many utilities and suppliers. As a result, the billing is often far more complicated to handle than it would be for residential customers. If this sounds like your business, you could benefit from utility bill processing.

Utility bill processing collects utility data and manages it in one place to make the process of paying bills easy and practical. Albireo Energy provides this service to help our larger customers. If you are interested in learning more, keep reading!

Utility Bill Processing

Our utility management software allows us to gather all of your businesses utility data in a centralized location. From here, we capture all invoice information and organize all the details to ensure correct, on time payment of all your utility bills.

Since the data is imported and paid systematically, it eliminates the need for your business to process the bill manually. This results in your business being able to focus on its core activities, instead of worrying about utility payables.

The Value of Utility Bill Processing

By entrusting Albireo to handle your utility bill processing, you can save time and gain peace of mind. The first step is to work with us to get the software setup.

We then work together to set up realistic future looking projections that UM can then benchmark your energy usage against.  It can then monitor your usage and alert all parties if something seems incorrect. In the end, this not only saves you time but money as well.

Contact us to learn more about how Albireo can help with your utility bill processing.

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