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Tips for Working with Energy Procurement Consultants

Is your business getting the best energy rate? Do you know? If you don’t, you probably aren’t alone. That’s why there are energy procurement consultants. Energy procurement consultants assist businesses in their strategic energy procurement decisions, developing a tailored approach to their energy buying needs. At Albireo Energy, we do just that. Read on to learn some tips for how to optimize your working relationship with an energy procurement consultant.

Tip 1: Read About Energy Deregulation

17 states have deregulated energy markets. Do you know if you are in one of them? If not, you should. Albireo can quickly provide you with that information, but it is also beneficial to read about deregulation if you are in one of the 17 states. As a business owner, you ought to have a baseline understanding of deregulation. Understanding a little bit about how deregulation works is the first step to achieving an effective energy strategy, and it can make your relationship with an energy procurement consultant better all around.

Tip 2: Collect All Relevant Information Before Meeting

Before you meet with us, we ask that you gather all of the relevant data. Bring any utility invoices and existing deregulated contracts you may have. These documents will give us a better idea of what your business is currently spending on energy, and if the deal you re in truly suits the needs of your business. We take an individualized approach to energy management for our clients and want to help your business meet its goals, but to do that we need the data!

Tip 3: Have Clear Goals & Be Realistic

Start by identifying the energy goals for your business. Determine what exactly it is that you’re looking for and be realistic about your expectations. Are you looking for a better rate? A fixed price? Green energy? Whatever you need, our energy procurement consultants can help you get there, but we need to have a sense of what is important to you.

Tip 4: Be Open and Flexible

Energy contracts are based on many factors that involve the markets, your business history, and your energy usage. Based on those factors, it may not always be possible to get your business the exact rate you want, but if you are open, there are many creative solutions to get there.

One such option is to join one of Albireo’s energy aggregations, which groups like business to increase their purchasing power. The goal is to help negotiate a better contract price from energy suppliers by offering them the option to bid on a contract with a large load of energy.

If you think working with an energy procurement consultant could be right for you, contact us.

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