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What is Energy Compliance Consulting?

Energy use compliance and benchmarking have been implemented in cities across the country in an effort to identify energy savings opportunities for building managers and reduce commercial energy usage. Under benchmarking ordinances, commercial real estate owners with buildings of a certain size are required to track and report their energy usage and water consumption to the EPA using Portfolio Manager. If you are struggling to figure out how to comply, you should consider working with an energy compliance consultant.

How Can Energy Compliance Consulting Help Me?

Energy benchmarking and compliance is a complex process, especially if you own multiple buildings in multiple cities. Compliance requires businesses owners to annually submit energy usage and costs per month, as well as building attributes such as location, number of floors, square footage, and building type, for all properties. Some property types that are eligible for an ENERGY STAR score may also require other information. Failure to comply in a timely fashion will result in substantial fines.

This includes data for all meters, whether for common areas or even the residential units in a multi-family style building. Given the complexity of this, most business owners find it very difficult to comply, especially in the timeframe provided. That is why energy compliance consultants provide a useful service for your business.

How Albireo Can Help with Energy Compliance

At Albireo, we have the knowledge and understanding to make the compliance process a breeze.  Our sales representatives are trained to work with benchmarking customers to meet compliance requirements in a timely fashion. We will upload your energy usage information into the Energy Star Portfolio Manager platform. Albireo takes the details out of your hands and ensures that your data is correctly inputted and submitted.

To assist our reps in supporting you, we leverage technology to make data collection and reporting a breeze. Our sophisticated energy systems can gather all of your utility and supplier data. We then store this data and submit it to the EPA on your behalf prior to the compliance deadline. You also get the added benefit of being able to visualize all of your utility data in an easy to use web dashboard or mobile app that will help you understand your usage, and create future energy budgets.

Why Is Energy Compliance Consulting Important?

At this point, you may be saying to yourself, this all sounds great, but why should I even do it? The simple answer is because it will cost you money if you don’t. Business owners who fail to comply with these regulations can face steep fines. More importantly, though, energy compliance is the first step toward a smarter energy strategy for your business. By understanding your past usage, you are better equipped to plan for the future, and planning will help you do well by doing good.

Need Help?

If you need help determining whether you are required to submit your utility data, or need help submitting it to the EPA, contact Albireo and we will get you squared away!

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