Nov 14, 2019 | Trends, Technology

Energy Efficiency and The IoT

It is easier to save energy than it is to produce it.

Building automation has become essential in the battle to make buildings more energy efficient. It is easier to save energy than it is to produce it. Systems such as HVAC, lighting and security are widely available with built-in sensors and Wi-Fi capabilities to make automation simple. Using the Internet of Things or IoT as it is commonly called, these devices can monitor themselves and provide data for building managers to review and further refine system set up.

The IoT has broken down the division between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) allowing data from devices to be collected and analyzed and then used to operate the systems. Building system management incorporates the IoT by using Wi-Fi capable devices with embedded processors, sensors and hardware to collect, send and act on data they acquire. The devices can act based on the data that they receive from the environment or from other smart devices.


The IoT can provide a platform that building managers can use to incorporate all the data from all the buildings systems for decision-making purposes. When the data is viewed and compared holistically, new and innovative integration becomes apparent. Software that is designed specifically to manage energy can present data on a user-friendly interface that can drive automation parameters that will produce the highest savings without sacrificing performance

The IoT provides cloud-based networks that allow electrical and mechanical systems to communicate. Based on the data collected, building managers can refine the algorithms that run the systems. Lighting and thermostat settings can be optimized, but also security measures and elevators can be managed. Automatic backup power can be programmed to recognize data points and act to prevent downtime in operations. Occupants can receive notifications in relation to the building. Window shades or blinds can be closed to block heat from direct sunlight or opened to let in that same heat based on internal or external temperatures.

Smart Technology

Smart technology has become affordable and is built into most products; therefore companies will be wise to include it in their system management strategies. The challenge is selecting the best system and configuring the set up to meet the overall building strategy and to integrate with legacy systems. While most devices and equipment come with factory recommendations for installation and set up, an automation and systems management expert can support the company goals with more refined and customized settings specific to the site and product. And then, using the IoT, they can integrate the product into the user interface platform. Albireo supports its clients with end to end expertise including engineering, installation, service, software and maintenance agreements. Albireo’s Building Automation Solutions incorporate maximum energy efficiency, best value, optimal tenant comfort, and friendly user interface.

As a Building Automation Solution (BAS) provider, Albireo uses the IoT to install automation control systems for new construction, modernization and upgrades. We have a team of engineers and certified technicians that will analyze, evaluate and design control systems with emphasis on energy savings, comfort, ease of operation and maintenance. Without integration provided by using IoT, smart tech systems would still require labor-intensive monitoring and would not communicate with each other.

The opportunities for improvement and savings provided by IoT are unlimited. When beginning a project, companies should go beyond the HVAC manufacturer or installation contractor for guidance and develop an overall strategy to implement automation. IoT will present economical opportunities to realize savings in energy and have a positive impact on the operational budget bottom line. The IoT trend is powerful and forging ahead. It will no longer be a bonus for high end buildings but a necessary step for all buildings.

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