Apr 1, 2021 | Announcements

Congratulations Albireo 2021 Master Level EcoXpert Partner

Albireo Energy, a leading US building automation and energy services company, is proud to announce that they have achieved the highest level of certification as one of 46 companies globally that has achieved 2021 status as Master-level EcoXpert™ Partner in Critical Power with Schneider Electric. Master-level status represents the top percentile of companies that are trained and certified by Schneider Electric as leaders in their field of expertise. Despite the turmoil of 2020, these companies continued to raise the bar to deliver digital power solutions and provide the latest architecture and platforms for their customers.

EcoXpert Partners are trained to bring the best connectivity solutions for the residential, building, and hotel markets that work efficiently together. Certification in areas such as building management systems, access control, light and room control, datacom, critical power, substation automation, digital panel and LV panel is part of their path to achieving the EcoXpert label.

Unparalleled Expertise

Schneider Electric’s EcoXpert Partner Program establishes a global, cross-expertise ecosystem of solution providers to share experience and to provide the highest level of automation and digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability to their customers. This unique program targets collaboration and innovation across a global network of knowledgeable and certified partners. Partners receive the benefits of priority support and tools to aid and grow in providing smarter, more integrated and more efficient solutions to their customers.

More importantly, Partners are trained and certified to deliver unparalleled expertise in installing Critical Power and Substation Automation solutions. Certification ensures the highest levels of competency in delivering integrated building control, reliable power management and efficient energy solutions. Also included in the program is expertise in residential connectivity technology.

Global Industry Resources

As a Master Level Critical Power and Substation Automation EcoXpert partner, Albireo differentiates itself by having the power of a digital community of over 40,000 members to support, provide experience and resources, and collaborate on sustainability and automation challenges. Members have specializations in many industries, including healthcare, hotels, data centers, retail, life sciences and real estate. With the ability to tap into this world-wide network, Albireo will broaden its experience base and be able to provide the latest, state-of-the-art solution that fits your unique business model and company goals.

Congratulations to our team here at Albireo Energy for their continued pursuit of excellence. The esteemed title of EcoXpert means that Albireo will continue to participate in the growth and improvement of intelligent, efficient buildings in the new construction and legacy product markets. The world trend toward decarbonization and electrification means that high-performing buildings are essential to achieve regional and global sustainability goals. Albireo is committed to leading the automation industry and assisting its customers with the best possible solutions.

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