Jul 28, 2022 | News

Celebrate National Intern Day with Clarissa Vincent

July 28th is National Intern Day. Launched by WayUp in 2017, National Intern Day has served as an opportunity for thousands of employers to commemorate and thank their hardworking interns. The holiday brings national attention to entry-level candidates, inspiring investments to internship programs.

We interviewed Clarissa Vincent, a current Albireo Energy intern, who is working with us this summer before she returns to college.

Tell us about your background. What college do you attend?

Clarissa: I was born and raised in Houston. I’m a rising senior at Arizona State University pursuing a major in supply chain management with a minor in sustainability. The pandemic has shown the importance of the global supply chain management field and exposed the challenges the industry has faced as a whole. Global supply chains are extensive, and applicable to so much in our daily lives.

The past spring, I studied abroad in Barcelona for the entire semester. I took business courses focusing on international business in addition to Spanish history and economics.

Why did you seek an internship at Albireo Energy?

Clarissa: I am working with the Albireo sales team in the Energy Procurement Division. Suzanne Vincent and Dave White are my supervisors and mentors. I didn’t know much about smart building solutions when I started in May. Sales at Albireo intrigues me because you can’t see or touch the services. I am learning more about selling something that isn’t exactly a physical product. How different is getting a customer to buy technology as opposed to buying something more tangible like a car?

The position is remote which works well since I adapted to online classes for college. This internship has expanded my online work skills. I use Google Teams, Outlook and Zoom Info for prospecting. It’s rewarding to become more self-sufficient.

What is your role at Albireo Energy?

Clarissa: My main role is to support the sales team. In June, I attended the Miners Summit in College Station, Texas which is a tradeshow and convention for Bitcoin miner, data center operators and energy suppliers. I spoke with attendees at the Albireo booth and observed how Suzanne and Dave work as a team. Dave also was part of a conference panel, and I attended his presentation. It was my first business trip and an excellent professional experience.

What will you take away from the internship experience? How will it affect your future employment opportunities?

Clarissa: My time management skills have improved. I’ve gained confidence working remotely with supervisors in different time zones. I also have a greater sense of professionalism and certainty going into senior year. Representing Albireo Energy at the trade show was a valuable experience. I also learned more about networking. As mentioned, supply chain opportunities are prevalent, and spending the summer at Albireo may have narrowed down future choices for me. More importantly, I appreciate being a part of a team. Everyone has been very welcoming and inviting. Even working remotely, I get to experience Albireo’s culture – it really is a great place to work.

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