May 25, 2023 | Sustainability

Washington State HB 1257 Energy Reporting: What is Energy Use Intensity?

Many states, like Washington State, have passed Clean Building Performance Standards (HB 1257). In this Pacific Northwest state, the regulation is called House Bill (HB) 1257. HB 1257 establishes Energy Use Intensity (EUI) targets for each qualifying building based on its usage and climate zone.

What is Energy Use Intensity? EUI is a calculation:

EUI = Total energy consumed by a building in one year (measured in kBtu or GJ) / total gross floor area of that building (measured in square feet or square meters).

The Energy Star Portfolio Manager website automatically performs the conversion once the building stakeholder has entered the energy use information displayed on utility bills. A low EUI score typically signifies good energy performance.

To learn more about Washington State’s HB 1257, Energy Use Intensity and meeting these regulations, download our white paper.

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