Aug 21, 2023 | Sustainability

The Pressure is On To Decarbonize Your Buildings

Decarbonizing buildings has become a central component of how companies reach net zero by 2050. The urgency to decarbonize has led to a groundswell of energy- and emissions-related government regulations for commercial buildings along with incentives and rebates that make clean energy and energy efficiency more affordable. There is increasing pressure on all companies to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

As the global conversation and mandates around climate change intensify, you are likely feeling the pressure to decarbonize your built environment. The task of transforming existing buildings into sustainable structures is a delicate balancing act. It requires careful consideration of time, capital investment, and the latest technological advancements. Much of the struggle lies in where to begin. Selecting the right partner who understand the requirements, has relevant experience and can offer the right solution for your building is key.

Albireo Energy is not only committed to understanding the requirements, we are also committed to expanding access to sustainability solutions that will help you achieve your decarbonization and overall environmental goals in an impactful and measurable way. There’s no greenwashing at Albireo Energy. As part of our ESG commitments, we’ve validated the scope of our Sustainability Solutions Portfolio, ensuring that our services achieve measurable energy and greenhouse gas emission reductions. We’ve made our performance publicly available in our 2022 ESG report.

As a leading independent building controls and energy services provider, our services contributed to the decarbonization journeys of 5K+ buildings in 2022. We’d like to help you make the right choices about your building and industrial controls technology, data analytics and monitoring capabilities, preventative maintenance and renewable energy procurement offsets. 

The Albireo Energy Sustainability Solutions Portfolio includes products and services that directly reduce energy consumption by improving building efficiencies and energy monitoring as well as renewable energy. Those solutions include:

Building Automation & Lighting Control Systems

Our building automation systems (BAS) solution provides our customers with centralized control of all building systems, and easy-to-understand, actionable information at their fingertips. Albireo Energy designs, engineers, installs, commissions, and integrates HVAC, lighting controls, building access controls, security, and fire and life safety so that disparate systems operate uniformly and in unison. In addition to offering peak operational efficiency, our systems enhance the productivity, health and safety of building occupants.

BEYOND Analytics

Data analytics software providing fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) identifies and diagnoses anomalies, a hidden source of building inefficiencies, and is central to reaping the benefits of the immense amount of data produced by building systems. Albireo Energy developed an artificial intelligence-powered software platform, BEYOND Analytics, to address limitations of traditional rule-based FDD. It offers intelligent programming and employs machine learning algorithms to continually “learn” a building’s operational and usage patterns.

By using historic and real time data, predictive analytics help find energy inefficiencies and waste in the way a building is operating that is reliable and accurate. It creates an early warning system that enables facility engineers to be proactive in preventative maintenance, staying ahead of equipment malfunctions, eliminating uneven heating and cooling patterns, and controlling energy otherwise lost through exhaust.

BEYOND Comfort

BEYOND Comfort is Albireo Energy’s solution for uneven air distribution using a patent-pending design for VAV systems. It replaces the manual balancing damper with an automated space control damper, and multiple reheat coils. By using this design, a hybrid VAV box provides individual room control without the expense of adding more VAV boxes. When adding more than one reheat coil to a VAV box, each area has autonomous control from another served from the same VAV box, typically reducing the overall VAV count by two-thirds. Using fewer, but larger VAV boxes with multiple re-heat coils supplied by a single set of balancing and isolation valves also reduces the cost of a building’s mechanical infrastructure.

With BEYOND Comfort, each room uses an individual physical or virtual thermostat (via a smartphone) which provides additional features conventional thermostats do not offer. Combined with lighting control, BEYOND Comfort provides increased savings by monitoring occupancy and isolating air flow and energy for unoccupied areas.

Data Center Solutions

Albireo Energy Data Center Solutions provide building and electrical controls and energy services to hyperscale, colocation and enterprise data center customers requiring building performance, energy management, decarbonization and sustainability strategies.

As an independent controls provider, we are trusted distributors for every major data center OEM and work across Building Automation Systems, Electric Power Monitoring Systems and Programmable Logic Controls platforms. Often, building owners standardize on controls technologies across data center locations.

Albireo Energy building controls experts design, engineer and install these critical systems. We also offer continuous commissioning, monitoring and analytics for maximum data availability as well as alarm management to keep data centers performing as promised.

Energy Services

Benchmarking is the foundation for energy management and a key part of a building’s efficiency plan. Albireo Energy analyzes building energy usage over time and compares it to past performance and to similar buildings in the same geographic area.

Benchmarking is useful to building managers to evaluate usage and savings opportunities and to analyze the cost effectiveness of conservation measures implemented. Research shows that the practice of benchmarking buildings increases awareness and focus on energy efficiency and building owners who monitor benchmarking data have consistently reduced the building energy usage by an average of 2.4% per year.

After benchmarking, we conduct an energy audit, gathering data on mechanical, electrical, and automation systems. The data is used to identify gaps in best practices and areas of inefficiency. We help prioritize potential actions to improve energy management, taking into consideration economic, legislative and operational information that impact returns on investment.

Performance Service Support Agreements (PSSA)

We stay connected with customers throughout the life of their buildings, customizing service support based upon the needs and priorities of their businesses. Our comprehensive suite of services includes operator coaching and support, system performance, protection and recovery, and intelligent services.

Renewable Energy Procurement

Albireo Energy’s procurement experts help universities, data centers, manufacturers, commercial real estate portfolio managers and others make renewable energy decisions. We work across multiple technologies, financing arrangements and contract structures.

Our team assists with low carbon solutions by adding on-site renewable generation, enrolling in community solar projects, and acquiring power purchase agreements (PPAs), virtual power purchase agreement (VPPAs) and renewable energy certificates (RECs). We provide customers with long-term and immediate expense savings and help meet their sustainability goals, decrease their reliance on fossil fuels and produce carbon-free and carbon-neutral solutions.

If you’d like to learn more about commitment to sustainability and our sustainability solutions, download our 2022 ESG report.

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