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What we offer

The team at Albireo Energy Procurement specializes in energy management and optimization services to businesses of all sizes. Whether buying energy, managing a portfolio’s utilities, or offering a high-level, customized solution, Albireo Energy has a dedicated team with unmatched expertise that can save you time and money.

Large, medium, and small business solutions

Procurement services with energy/utility management

Reporting and energy analysis

Benchmarking services

Energy aggregations and city-endorsed Buying Power programs

Project funding through on-bill financing

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Savings of both time and money…

With a wealth of services from energy buying and utility management to benchmarking services and energy analysis, our dedicated team of energy experts and our proprietary software provide full-service solutions making your job easy and to uncover the most competitive price, with the best supplier, and with the proper contract terms.

Procurement Services

Albireo has been a market leader in energy procurement since 2004. Our expertise and large network of energy suppliers gives us the ability to save you money. Saving small businesses money is our specialty and our portfolio boasts significant savings for large businesses and multi-location brands and franchise owners.

Energy Management and Advisory Services

Let us save you valuable time in managing your utilities, especially large property portfolios. Our process ensures that you don’t miss out on savings opportunities. We can find hidden efficiencies throughout your energy spend — ones that careful, ongoing analysis and effective purchasing can unlock for you.

Utility Module

Creating an energy budget is a frustrating and ineffective exercise for most business managers. Albireo’s proprietary algorithms unlock the secrets to easy and effective energy budgeting.


Major cities are now requiring commercial properties to report utility usage and costs. Albireo’s systems will save you time, effort, and money by ensuring compliance through our automated systems.

Energy Aggregations and Buying Power Programs

Combine your energy load with similar customers to create purchasing power. Albireo has created the largest buying pools in several markets. You can join one and unlock your best pricing. Those in Boston, Philadelphia, and DC can take advantage of our Buying Power Programs. Albireo has endorsements from the City of Philadelphia, the City of Boston, the District Government, and the DOEE.

Project Funding

When it comes to sourcing on-bill financing for your energy project, let Albireo be your champion. We will run a market competitive process to secure funding for the project through your energy bill.

Renewable Energy

Albireo has a wealth of on-site, off-site, and virtual renewable programs including community solar credits.

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