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Com’x 200

Com’x 200

Ethernet GPRS data logger function

The Energy Server Com’X 200 collects and stores wages consumptions (Water, Air, Gas, Electricity, Steam) and environmental parameters such as temperatures,humidity, and CO2 levels in a building. Data is periodically transmitted as a report toan Internet database server.

Data processing and display

Once received by the server, the data is ready to be processed and displayed as webpages through web services provided by Schneider Electric, such as StruxureWareEnergy Operation and StruxureWare Energy On Line.

  • Energy Operation
  • Energy Online

or by any private energy management platform.

Architecture: Access to the web: Choice of 3 Media

Key Features

  • From a simple metering installation with 1 device to large metering systems,Com’X 200 collects data from any Modbus TCP or serial devices, from any pulsemeters, actuators and analogue sensors
  • Automatic discovery of connected Modbus devices
  • Connectivity to the cloud through Ethernet, Wi-Fi and GPRS
  • 2 Ethernet ports to separate upstream cloud connection from field devices network
  • Protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP with Proxy management
  • Data export: Native connection to Schneider Electric Service platforms (EnergyOperation, Energy Online)– CSV file export for other database servers
  • Setup through convenient built-in web pages
  • Compliant with electrical switchboard environment (Temperature , electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Storage of data in case of communication failure
  • Local backup of the configuration parameters

When associated with SE Services:

  • Remotely managed (firmware upgrade, configuration backup, troubleshooting, parameters setting)
  • GPRS contract management with SIM card provided
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