BEYOND Analytics

Moving beyond operating to optimizing

BEYOND Analytics works 24/7 to analyze your Building Automation System (BAS), improving comfort, reliability and energy efficiency.

Take your BAS a step BEYOND

Developed by Albireo Energy, BEYOND Analytics filters, organizes and presents the facility’s data in an easy-to-use single view. With this aggregated data, facility managers have a clear picture of what’s going on in their buildings and can take preventative and immediate action.

A seamless integration for BAS

A wealth of information is conveyed from your BAS. Most of this data is underutilized. Albireo  Energy’s Fault Detection and Diagnostics service, BEYOND Analytics, takes your data to new levels by integrating with these systems and more:

Icon: checkmarkPhysical Access

Icon: lightbulb with power iconLighting Controls


Icon: fire safetyFire & Security

Icon: LightningElectrical Power
Monitoring Systems

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  • Typical one year ROI through energy & operational cost savings
  • Improves systems troubleshooting & reliability by 25–30%
  • Provides real-time analysis of systems’ operational performance
  • Continuous recommissioning capabilities
  • Comprehensive dashboard features
  • Data analysis to improve operational performance & energy usage
  • Standardizes data collected
  • Understandable & actionable analysis
  • Client workshops to customize data collection & outcomes
  • Remote-access technology fits facility managers’ needs
  • On-premises installation or Albireo cloud server with remote access
  • Unique mix of software tools, application expertise and support

Understanding your needs

Reduce total cost of ownership

Maintain a healthy, safe & efficient work environment

Optimize facility performance

Reduce energy cost

Minimize unplanned failures (reliability and uptime)

Incorporate on-site facility expertise

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Optimize your built environment

BEYOND Analytics gives our customers the tools to move from operating buildings to optimizing your building’s performance.

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BEYOND Analytics: The early warning system for your BAS

When you partner with Albireo Energy, we’ll work together to define how our team can best support yours to deliver the most robust analytics available. Get started today.

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