Critical Alarm Management

An essential part of your building and business continuity & sustainability plans

Taking your Building Management System (BMS) to the next level. Now is the time to prioritize your building and campus alarms. Ensure that someone on the team is catching the ball.

CALM: Critical Alarm Messenger

How It Works

Once we prioritize the most critical systems, CALM does the rest.

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Communicates through text, phone and email (industry standard is email) — tells you what’s wrong and who to call to fix it.


Establishes a notification tree where facility staff must acknowledge the alarm or it’s escalated to the next individual on the list.


Archives alarm history and notification tracking, available through cloud-based website for analysis and reporting purposes.


Quarterly meeting with you and your team to review the Calm Analytics Dashboard and address patterns with your most frequent alarms.

You stay connected, we provide peace of mind
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Secure cloud-based software

CALM, which meets the highest cybersecurity standards, integrates into pre-existing BMS to collect and store historical data from all designated critical alarm points.

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Set up in as little as two weeks

We help you prioritize the 10-300 most critical alarms. We do the programming, engineering and configuration, work with your IT team, train your staff, commission and monitor.

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Continuous commissioning

Continuous commissioning of CALM ensures precise monitoring and notification as well as quarterly meetings to review alarm performance.

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24/7 support

24/7 support of CALM ensures precise monitoring and notification as well as quarterly meetings to review alarm performance.

Albireo Energy at Work

Who uses it

A consumer products company with a multi-use, multi-building business campus uses CALM (previously known as MDAS) to monitor critical building systems and notify building management of issues.

How it works

One system monitored in its product manufacturing and testing facility is the chiller supporting a deionized water system, which support processes like reverse osmosis, ultraviolet disinfection, and water quality monitoring.

Why it’s important

Unplanned system downtime can lead to weeks of product testing delays and up to $40,000 in de-sanitation expenses. CALM notifications and acknowledgments prevent significant loss.

Learn what to look for when choosing a Critical Alarm Messenger

Building systems will fail. And as building managers, engineers and maintenance teams, it always seems to happen at 2 AM on weekends and holidays. CALM can give you peace of mind and ensure that someone on the team is catching the ball.

Ready to make CALM part of your business continuity and sustainability plan?

Business continuity isn’t a nice-to-have. Incorporating CALM into your risk management and ESG protocols makes buildilng management a preventative measure.

Add CALM to a new or existing Albireo Energy service contract

  • Nominal initial set-up fee
  • Scoped by building or campus and number of alarm points monitored.

Let us take care of the rest – Private Cloud Network, Fault Detection & Diagnostics, and Continuous Commissioning.

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