Energy Procurement


Are you getting the most out of your energy dollars?

Albireo Energy works with small, medium, and large companies to optimize energy buying and management. We can help deliver a comprehensive energy management plan matching your company’s goals to the optimal energy solution, including clean energy options.


We find hidden efficiencies throughout your energy spend – ones that only careful, ongoing analysis and effective purchasing can unlock for you.

Collect and Analyze Data

We acquire your utility and supplier data through proprietary systems and analyze how to optimize your pricing options. The overall strategic planning includes evaluating market conditions, discussing risk tolerance, and working with your business to uncover solutions.

Optimize and Compete

As the energy markets trade to target levels, our experienced staff arranges and conducts a competitive auction. Our goal for your business is to uncover the most competitive price, with the best supplier, and with the proper contract terms, all of which are vital to ensuring your best deal.

Manage and Repeat

Once your purchases have been made, you should expect to hear from your consultant, but do you? Your account should always be in purchasing mode, searching for your next best deal. Our process ensures that you do not need to fear missing opportunities or favorable options.




Creating an energy budget is a frustrating and ineffective exercise for most managers. Albireo’s proprietary algorithms will unlock the secrets to effective budgeting.



Combine your energy load with similar customers to create purchasing power. Albireo has created the largest buying pools in various markets. You can join one and unlock your best pricing.

Albireo Renewables


Many organizations are already thinking about sustainability. Did you know that, in addition to meeting sustainability obligations, going green is a great way to SAVE money?



Major cities now require commercial properties to report utility usage and costs through Portfolio Manager. Albireo’s systems will save you time, effort and money by ensuring automation and compliance.


Our systems are the most efficient and effective platforms in the energy markets today. We are empowering businesses, large and small, with ways to unlock savings. Documented results reveal savings of upward to 40% from purchasing on your own.

Energy Auctions

When suppliers compete, you win. When that competition occurs in an online, transparent and auditable platform, you will see that you are winning with every energy purchase. Our reverse auction bidding platform creates the marketplace for customers and suppliers to meet and transact deals.


UtilityModule is the most effective utility dashboard in the marketplace because it focuses on how you run your business, not just by executing a contract. It provides easy access to annual budget creation, budget reconciliation, expense tracking, and notifications when action is required. You have too many things to do in your day, so let Albireo and its systems monitor and track your accounts, ensuring that no opportunity is missed.

Energy Scorecard

Our Energy Scorecard is another tool in our energy toolbox that helps put information in your hands. Each month, you receive a system-generated email on the status of your utility accounts and any actionable information. Spending just one minute a month checking an email can give you peace of mind over your utility management.


See how Albireo helped Dunkin Donuts, through 1500 franchised stores, make better use of its energy spend.

In 2011, a collection of Dunkin’ franchisees throughout New Jersey and New York decided to buy energy in a group format, just as they purchase other commodities. Albireo presented our group aggregation model which is based on deep market expertise, state-of-the-art technology, optimal timing, and competitive supplier bidding.


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