Energy Services


Energy is among the highest operating costs in commercial and institutional buildings and has a direct impact on the bottom line.  Volatile energy costs and aggressive sustainability goals have forced business owners to do more with less, and efficient business means smart business. Investing in energy efficiency is one way to cut operational costs but must be done without sacrificing occupant comfort. Partnering with a trusted energy services provider is paramount for any building owner.

Albireo Energy is an expert in energy management and a proven resource in helping building owners and managers achieve energy and sustainability goals. We are more than a consultant; we are a partner in your business, offering turnkey solutions to improve building performance.



Energy Star certified buildings use 35% less energy than similar buildings



The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the energy saving potential for an existing commercial facility is around 30%



More than 40% of commercial buildings are actively measuring and tracking their energy use

Analyze, Prioritize, and Implement… Let Albireo Energy be your preferred energy partner.



Albireo Energy will not only ensure that your building solutions are installed and running properly, but we will also monitor, track and analyze your buildings to ensure they are running optimally. This begins with understanding our clients’ internal goals for building efficiency and tenant comfort. We obtain a baseline of the building by performing energy benchmarks, and energy site audits to not only ensure that your equipment is operating as anticipated, but to identify and report on inefficiencies that would otherwise go undetected. We calculate the savings and present our findings. If your building isn’t running as efficiently as it could be, we will present recommendations for improvements, and search out available rebates and incentives that will help you fund your project and reduce the time to achieve your return on investment. 


Every building has operational deficiencies; the science behind managing energy in a large facility involves understanding the economic, legislative, and social demands facing your organization and how to prioritize them with limited resources.  Albireo Energy will work with a customer to understand internal goals, budgets, and investment criteria, and develop a plan to best address the deficiencies and set priorities.


In many geographic or vertical markets, there are local or federal mandates related to energy efficiency and sustainability that must be met.  These often include LEED®, Energy Star, and emissions reduction requirements.  Albireo Energy will help define realistic goals and create a detailed plan with required investments to help meet legislative mandates.


Energy rates, distribution charges, utility incentives, and occupant productivity can all impact the economic returns of improvements.  Albireo Energy works with our customers to determine upgrade costs, project savings, evaluate utility incentives and financing alternatives, and project financial returns.  


Whether meeting emissions reduction goals, efficiency targets, or building certification ambitions, Albireo Energy can help quantify energy and emissions reductions, define critical investments, and calculate expected returns.  Armed with data, customers can make the most intelligent decisions on where to allocate investments.


An energy efficiency plan is not successful if the recommended strategies are not executed and continually monitored for progress. Albireo Energy goes beyond simply creating a plan – we are experts at implementing and monitoring mechanical, electrical, automation, and demand response solutions from coast to coast. Our proven track record in strategic planning, design, and implementation; best-in-class project management practices; and access to industry leading products from a variety of global manufacturers, coupled with the specialized knowledge of our certified technicians, programmers and engineers, makes Albireo Energy an ideal partner for any energy conservation, retrofit, or modernization project. 

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