Energy Services

Boost your bottom line by lowering your energy costs

Albireo Energy is an expert in energy management and a proven resource in helping building owners and managers achieve energy and sustainability goals.

Your trusted energy services provider

Energy is among the highest operating costs in commercial and institutional buildings, as well as data center, manufacturing and laboratory facilities. Volatile energy costs and aggressive sustainability goals have forced business owners to do more with less. With Albireo’s Energy Services, building owners and facility managers can save up to 30% on energy costs.


Leverage the power of bold thinking

We are more than a consultant. Albireo is your partner, offering turnkey solutions to improve energy consumption and building performance. From audit to implementation, we will work with you to optimize your building’s energy usage.

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  • Utility incentives & financing options
  • LEED certification support
  • Recommendations for peak operation
  • Proprietary cost-saving tools
  • ENERGY STAR® opportunities
  • Rebates on building improvements
  • Mechanical/electrical optimization
  • Energy savings potential of 30%
  • Meet legislative mandates
  • Track progress in energy & emissions 
  • Define critical investments 
  • Calculate expected returns 

Understanding your needs

Improve building performance with turnkey solutions

Identify equipment inefficiencies

Track energy usage and patterns

Meet goals for building efficiency and tenant comfort

Find rebates and incentives

Create lasting returns on investments

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Follow the leader

With a consultative approach, Albireo analyzes current building performance against an ideal and optimized path to your goals. We are thought leaders in the energy field, and this is what makes us stand out.
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Work with the best

Albireo Energy will work with your team to determine the right energy solution to optimize building operations, improve tenant comfort and lower your energy spending. Don’t delay – get in touch today to get started.

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10 Mind-Blowing Energy Efficiency Actions for Data Centers

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Turn Energy Usage and Building Data into Actionable Items