Service & Support


With Albireo Energy, you can have your facilities managed by people that know buildings’ systems inside and out. Our experience in systems is comprehensive, covering building automation, lighting, central plant controls, access and security, fire alarm, electrical and more – with an unmatched reputation for quality and service.


Through our wide range of capabilities, we’re also well-positioned to manage all aspects of facility management. Our services include:


  • Engineering operations and maintenance
  • Engineering services including feasibility studies and cost estimates
  • Building maintenance and repair
  • In-house training for building operators
  • Energy efficiency optimization (Benchmarking, Reporting, Analytics, Auditing & Retrocommissioning)
  • Fault Detection & Diagnostics (onside or in the cloud)
  • Demand response solution development
  • Project management and construction management
  • 24/7/365 coast to coast call center support
  • Service technicians on call around the clock
  • maintenance contracts, software and systems upgrades
  • Replacement products stocked on our service vans
  • Remote connectivity to effectively ID and respond to calls/issues, improving response time and lowering support costs
  • Stand-alone service packages including: mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, environmental, operations and maintenance, quality control/maintenance
    • Onsite Facility Engineering Services
    • Scheduled Service Visits
    • Emergency Response