Feb 12, 2018 | Trends, Technology

Why Should Energy Brokers Use a Reverse Auction Platform

EnergyAuctions (EA) is a reverse auction platform that is part of Albireo’s energy management software suite.

It’s a reverse auction platform used for energy procurement. An online, reverse auction invites suppliers to directly bid on contracts listed from brokers. This allows brokers to get the most competitive pricing for their clients and better serve their energy needs.

What is a Reverse Auction Platform?

Our online, reverse auction is a competitive energy software solution that operates in real time and is transparent. This incentivizes open and fair competition between suppliers which helps drive down the price for business owners. EnergyAuctions provides energy analysis during the auction, which allows brokers and customers to compare energy rates and find the most competitive energy prices.

Reverse energy auctions are easy to schedule with Albireo’s energy management platform. Brokers post a pricing opportunity and schedule it on the reverse auction platform. This can be scheduled for a specific date and time limit to incentivize suppliers’ most competitive bids. Both business owners and suppliers are granted login credentials to watch energy auctions play out in real time. It’s as simple as that!

The Benefits of a Reverse Auction Platform

With a convenient energy dashboard, our software is easy to use and benefits all parties. Brokers can compare energy suppliers to find the best prices and service for their customers. This not only enables brokers to execute energy contracts more efficiently, but also more quickly. Businesses save money by receiving competitive pricing for their energy requirements and suppliers can expand their customer base through the platform.

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