Feb 20, 2018 | Technology

Energy Budget Tracking Software: UtilityModule (UM)

UtilityModule (UM) is budget tracking software that is part of Albireo’s energy management platform.

UtilityModule (UM) is energy budget tracking software that is part of Albireo’s energy management platform. UM allows business owners to easily review and track their energy usage and costs, at both the small or enterprise level, providing crucial data to accurately predict or prepare energy budgets for an upcoming year. Energy expenditures are a complex line item and often one of the biggest operational expenditures for business owners. With UtilityModule’s energy management dashboard, businesses can now have a greater understanding and ultimately greater control over their energy needs. This allows them to identify anomalies, mitigate risks, and budget for the upcoming year.

Energy Usage and Cost

UtilityModule tracks energy usage and costs by importing utility and supplier invoice data. The energy dashboard software analyzes and organizes this data into easy-to-use charts that help businesses more effectively and conveniently review their energy usage and costs. Understanding the relationship between energy usage and costs further allows businesses to gauge how they use different forms of energy, and identify any anomalies that may exist in their current plan or usage patterns.

Comparing current year usage and costs allows businesses to track their average energy spend against their current year budget, and in turn make more effective energy decisions.

Energy Budget Tracking Software

In the volatile energy marketplace, software energy management enables businesses to mitigate risks and allocate sufficient capital without over or under-budgeting for their energy needs. UtilityModule analyzes historical usage data and compares it against weather normalized projections, based on proprietary logic, to create accurate energy budgets for the upcoming year. In more simplistic terms, it sees your energy future better than you do!

Geographically diverse operations and businesses have trouble maintaining enterprise-wide usage and costs. Beyond this deficiency, energy data is usually stored at source locations making it nearly impossible for complex enterprises to properly budget for the upcoming year. UtilityModule pulls all of this data into one convenient platform and allows organizations to easily review and budget for proper facility usage and costs.

UtilityModule provides businesses with a clear overview of their energy needs, providing more control over budgeting and simplifying the reporting process. If you’re interested in gaining a better understanding of your energy needs, simplifying your budgeting, or just want a better gauge of your energy usage now or in the future, contact Albireo for a demo!

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