Feb 26, 2018 | Trends, Technology

How Brokers Can Get the Most Out of UtilityModule (UM)

UtilityModule (UM) is an energy management application that is part of Albireo’s energy management platform.

While UtilityModule was initially designed for business owners, there are many reasons for brokers to invest in UtilityModule. This energy tracking software helps brokers better serve their customers by gaining a greater understanding of their historical energy needs and planning for their future needs. With energy usage and cost data available in one place, UtilityModule enables brokers to work hand-in-hand with businesses to optimize their energy management strategy.

Energy Analytics

When setting up an energy management app, it is crucial to get all of the right information in place. To accomplish this, business energy accounts need to be set up for each utility so UtilityModule can properly track the correct utility data. Once this is set up, meters and building characteristics will be uploaded into UtilityModule so it can properly interpret and group the the most relevant data. This enables UtilityModule to display energy data in a convenient presentation so brokers and business owners can work together to develop an energy management strategy.

Energy Benchmarking

Uploading building characteristics is important for energy benchmarking compliance with the EPA. Businesses need to input certain data, such as square footage, year built, and number of floors, as well as usage, in order to comply. Fortunately, UtilityModule automatically uploads this data to the EPA’s Portfolio Manager so businesses are compliant.

Aside from compliance, business owners can leverage this data to conduct an energy comparison between similar building units via the building comparison page. Using metrics, such as cost per square foot, brokers and business owners have a better understanding of how energy efficient their buildings are. This provides valuable information for brokers to assist their clients and understand their energy needs.


In order for energy brokers to reap the benefits of energy tracking software like UtilityModule, they should help businesses set up their accounts correctly. This not only makes the energy software that much more useful for businesses, but it also improves the existing relationship between brokers and energy suppliers by supplying the necessary information for energy procurement.

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