Mar 12, 2018 | Technology

Utility Bill Tracking Software: UtilityModule (UM)

UtilityModule (UM) utility bill tracking software enables customers to track energy invoice data, including utility and supplier usage data. There are a few ways to use this data, which will be discussed, whether it’s having a cursory understanding of a business’s energy usage or delving deeper to discover any potential anomalies. By having this data at your disposal, you can understand the relationship between usage and other valuable energy data points to make more effective energy management and procurement decisions.

Usage vs. Budget

This page in the UtilityModule charts your usage by month and compares it to your set budget. Our proprietary software graphs your usage and overlays the budget so that you can see how you are tracking energy usage against this budget. There’s even a table at the bottom that breaks down the values by each month. This provides you a general understanding of how well you’re budgeting each month and whether you are over or under during each particular month.

Usage Details

You can delve even deeper into this information to see a total breakdown of your total usage by demand, on-peak, off-peak, low load A, low load B, and shoulder. You can view each component side-by-side to compare their monthly breakdown by total usage. We also provide a table at the bottom of this page to compare the values of each component by month.

White Label Utility Bill Tracking Software

Data drives decisions, which is why it’s so important to track energy usage. By providing this level of energy analysis, UtilityModule can help you understand immediate and future energy requirements.

UtilityModule provides you with a high-level view so you can see how well you are tracking your budget against your usage each month. It also provides in-depth views of multiple components that make up usage value for energy managers and larger firms. By using this, businesses can better track and manage their energy usage data.

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