Mar 13, 2018 | Technology

How to Keep Track of My Energy Costs in UtilityModule

UtilityModule is an energy monitoring dashboard used to track both energy usage and costs data. It’s important to monitor energy supply costs as you have a choice in the rate and plan you want. Using UtilityModule, you will be able to track energy costs and compare them to your set budget, as well as analyze how different charges are adding to your customers’ costs.

Usage Vs. Budget

The ‘Usage vs. Budget’ page provides customers with an overview of their total energy costs by month. Customers will also see how their total monthly costs track against their set budgets. This page features a graph of energy usage with a budget overlay to see whether customers are spending over or under their allotted budgets. Additionally, customers will be provided with a table at the bottom of the page that breaks down the values by month.

Usage Details

On the ‘Usage Details’ page, customers can view the breakdown of their costs by supply, delivery taxes, late charges, and other important, related costs. These components will provide your customers insight on how these individual costs affect their total monthly costs. This page also provides a graph of each cost side-by-side to visually see how these costs impact their total costs. There’s a table at the bottom of this page that breaks down these values by month.

UtilityModule is tool available for both brokers and businesses seeking to better monitor and manage their energy needs. Energy analysis can be broad for busy business owners who only need to report their costs or a more comprehensive breakdown to assist energy managers in their operational workflow.

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