Mar 14, 2018 | Technology

The Best Reverse Auction Software: EnergyAuctions (EA)

The best reverse auction software: EnergyAuctions is part of Albireo’s energy management platform helping customers find the best deals for their energy needs. It’s a reverse auction that allows suppliers to openly bid on pricing opportunities for customer contracts. The process is completely transparent for customers, allowing them to interact with the auction in real time.

Why Is EnergyAuctions the Best Reverse Auction Software?


Competition is the bedrock of energy brokerage. Online reverse auction platforms feature an allotted time frame that incentivizes energy suppliers to make their most competitive bid. This helps ensure that your customers will get the best deal and/or level of service for their contract.


Since EA is open, transparent, auditable, and populated with your selected suppliers, it grants you complete control to better assist your customers in finding the best energy supplier. The auction is open to customers alike, allowing them to participate in, operate, or view the auction in real time and accept, reject, or reschedule bids.  


As a white-label solution, you can provide your customer with an online reverse auction platform, branded with your company logo, colors, and linked to your website. This is a great way to keep your brokerage firm top of mind for many of your customers and increase word-of-mouth advertising.


Best of all, EA doesn’t require you to share your revenue or anything like that. You only need to pay a flat fee to run an online reverse auction for your customers.

Reverse auctions over EA help your customers find the best deals for their energy needs and provide a platform where suppliers can reach more customers. This strengthens the relationship between suppliers and brokers, which benefits customers. Whether to ensure compliance, streamline your efficiency, engage more suppliers, or just please customers, EA is right for you.

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