Mar 27, 2018 | Trends, Technology

6 Ways Energy Brokers Can Easily Manage Business Processes

As businesses grow, it becomes increasingly more difficult to scale without the proper tools. Whether it’s utilizing spreadsheets to manage receivables or tracking sales in Excel, many brokers get bogged down in manual processes. One of the key expenditures businesses need to manage, especially if they have multiple locations, is energy.

We’ve elegantly addressed these challenges for many businesses, and helped develop and provide the necessary solutions through our energy management platform. Your sales partners will receive a more effective way to manage their daily operational tasks and customer deliverables. This frees them up to close more deals and generate more money for you.

We’ve created state-of-the-art, and easy-to-use energy management applications for energy suppliers, brokers, and commercial business owners. We’ve continued to innovate the field by adding a layer of efficiency and transparency to our line of products that benefits brokers, suppliers, and customers. Examples include the Supplier Admin Portal (SAP) and EnergyAuctions (EA).

Our energy management apps include:

The greater value our apps add to our users include:

1. Contract Management System (CMP)

Easily stay on top of current contracts, contract expirations, and upcoming renewals without having to track them manually.

2. Automated Budgeting, Reports and Monitoring

Free up time to sell instead of calculating budgets, analyzing contracts, monitoring market conditions, or creating reports.

3. Workflow Process and Automated Pricing

Create efficiencies and dramatically reduce email exchanges by implementing a workflow process to send and receive pricing opportunities and customer specific data.

4. Management of Data, Streamlined Acquisitions

Managing customer data, contracts and invoices is time consuming. Save time with an accurate, automated system.

5. Capitalize on Software Functions

Capitalize on various functionalities with the software platform by charging customers for its advanced data management and tools.

6. Automated AR system for Commission Tracking

You will never have to worry about the tedious commission reconciliation process again. Accurately track commissions owed and accounts flowing with the supplier.

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