Mar 28, 2018 | Trends, Technology

How We Make Managing Contracts Easy for Energy Brokers

Managing thousands of customer contracts is a tedious and time-consuming process that can lead to dramatic losses if not handled properly. Energy brokers often lose prospective business opportunities and risk losing their existing customers by mismanaging energy contracts. Without a software system in place, brokers will continue to struggle when relying on manual procedures that inevitably lead to mistakes and lost opportunities.

Fortunately, Albireo’s Contract Management Portal (CMP) offers a simple solution for energy brokers that allows them to take back control over their contracts. No longer will brokers risk losing out on potential business opportunities by mismanaging contracts and failing to deliver on new ones.

What is Contract Management Portal?

CMP is built and maintained specifically for the energy brokerage industry to quickly create, organize, and manage energy contracts. Our contract management system helps energy brokers avoid risk by staying on top of current contracts, expiration dates, and upcoming renewals, without the burden of manually tracking them.

The Benefits of Contract Management Portal

As the saying goes, nobody’s perfect. Manual contract management is all too prone to mistakes, whether it’s simple forgetfulness of an expiration date, mismanaged file storage, or incorrect data inputs. These oversights can be significant, in both time and money, when you realize that brokers manage anywhere from hundreds to thousands of contracts on an annual basis.

CMP provides brokers with a centralized data storage that can track contracts and set up alerts for sensitive dates where action is required. A contract management system also greatly reduces the additional labor required to pour through thousands of documents on a week-to-week basis. By providing greater control over contract management and reducing additional labor, CMP helps brokers stay competitive, further increasing the rates of return on their initial investments.

Contract Management Portal Features

CMP enables proactive visibility into brokers’ energy contract portfolio to make informed and timely contract management decisions. This also allows brokers to track the value of each contract, whether it’s monitoring bidding and contract expirations, tracking commissions, or creating payouts, among various other functions. Every day away from selling is a dollar not made.

The core features of CMP include:

  • Custom alerts and notifications
  • Contract Analytics
  • Mobile App
  • Customized Reporting
  • Searchability
  • Sales Analytics
  • Contract Management


The only way brokers can effectively stay competitive in an evolving energy marketplace is by adopting energy software solutions that enable greater control over management needs. CMP helps brokers acquire new contracts and maintain existing ones by improving upon the contract management process. Brokers can create a bigger impact on their businesses and sharpen their focus on sales through auto-managing contract renewals and existing deals in their portfolios.

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