Apr 3, 2018 | Trends, Technology

Why Brokers Should Provide Energy Management Software to Their Customers

The energy marketplace remains in constant flux and the need to identify energy purchasing and management procedures is critical for businesses to meet growing customer demands. Not only this, but the industry has become saturated with suppliers and brokers on both sides. How do energy brokers become more than an interchangeable price that may be easily replaced in the next bid process?

The answer is to host a conversation with current and prospective customers to identify what they want in this changing marketplace. Our energy User Experience (UX) research has clearly shown that the need to reduce energy expenses is the end users’ top objective. However, that research has shown that energy pricing is just one aspect of the equation.

White Label Software

Let’s face it, energy purchasing and management can be stressful and downright complex. Providing your customers with peace of mind is important in developing a strong relationship and establishing trust with your customers.

Provide your customers with the pathway to optimal energy purchasing and energy management through the use of our white label software programs, UtilityModule and EnergyAuctions. These white label solutions allow customers to stay on top of their utility information, while getting them the most competitive energy deals. By aiding your customers through energy procurement and management decisions, you can provide them with price certainty and peace of mind.

Hands-on Energy Management

Today, brokers are required to do much more then provide value through pricing to stay competitive in this new marketplace. Some of these needs will not be obvious on the surface. You need to start a conversation with your customers and continually solicit feedback.

Customer frequently ask, “how am I performing against my budget? How am I reducing expenses? How are capital expenditures performing? How am I notified when there is an issue?” Our white label solutions address these questions and more by making the process of energy management simple, trackable, and transparent. Better yet, our software places your brand at the forefront of all these utility-related decisions to better market your brokerage.

Not only are you providing your customers with access to utility information, but more importantly, you are empowering your customers by providing them with actionable information to help them maximize their business efficiencies, including:

  • Budget Creation
  • Budget Tracking
  • Expenses
  • Customized Notifications
  • Benchmarking Compliance

By improving the underlying process of energy management procedures, you become ingrained in your customers’ businesses and become an integral part of their operations. This leads to better customer relations, more word-of-mouth advertising, and increased customer retention.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear from our energy User Experience (UX) research that customers demand more than just value through reducing energy expenses. Customers also demand brokers who can help them manage their energy budgets, plan against unexpected expenditures, and find suppliers who can best service their needs. Let Albireo’s energy management platform and services deliver your solution for a 365 strategy.

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