Apr 17, 2018 | Trends, Technology

The Impact of White Labeled Software in the Energy Industry

Albireo continually strives to modernize the way brokers do business in the energy industry. We do this by creating maximum efficiencies through our suite of energy software tools that optimize energy management and purchasing.

Over the years, Albireo has committed significant time and effort into user and market research, while working closely with brokers and suppliers in the energy industry. Through this process, we have been able to design and develop a suite of energy management tools that provide engaging user-experiences and connect brokers, suppliers, and customers together. This provides stronger relationships between the parties while achieving optimal energy management and procurement.

We now provide white-labeling services for our software to help businesses in the energy industry reap the benefits and value that an industrial energy management system provides. Here, we discuss the basics of white label software and how it can help your business or brokerage.

What is White Labeling?

Through our white labelling services, brokers and businesses can use our products internally to provide value to their businesses as well as their customers’. Our white labeling services aim to improve industrial energy management through a variety of internal features designed to save time and money. Furthermore, our white label software is branded to your company’s logo and specifications, extending the reach and credibility of your brand in front of your customers.

Contrary to what you might think, white labeling is quick, affordable, and painless. We brand the software with your company logo and color scheme to make it your own, migrate all your company data and customer data into the system, provide secure login and admin permissions, and provide easy access to your customers. With our custom software, we can provide you with an energy management suite that is favorited across the industry and has delivered proven results.

The Benefits of White Labeled Software

Building out your own software suite requires thousands of hours of time in research and development. With white labeled software, market and user research is already conducted. At Albireo, we have dedicated resources to conduct in-depth UX and market research, so you don’t have to delegate the time or money.

Since our software is provided for you, you don’t need to dedicate additional resources and labor to design and develop your own energy management software. Best of all, our services, like UtilityModule and Energy Auctions, have already been successfully used and tested in the marketplace. We also actively maintain and update our software based on feedback and results to continually provide better solutions that best suit our customers’ needs.

Focus on What’s Important to Your Business

A white labeled software takes the burden off your business to come up with innovative solutions that best suit your customers’ needs. With an all-inclusive energy management suite, team members can execute their usual roles, while continuing to focus on your business’ services and sales.

You can build trust and develop stronger relationships with customers and suppliers by effectively addressing their needs with an energy management suite. With our contract management and expense management software, you will never fail to miss a deadline.

You can also take advantage of upsell opportunities and calls-to-action by analyzing customer data to uncover problem areas. Finally, your enhanced customer relationships will lead to increased customer retention.


White labeling energy management software is cost-effective and provides access to powerful tools with little upkeep or maintenance. Widen your range of services (benchmarking, bill payment, etc.) and reach thousands of customers to generate new streams of revenue for your brokerage. Finally, differentiate yourself from the competition by providing more value and modernized services that other businesses do not offer.

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