Apr 20, 2018 | Technology

Utility Tracking Software

UtilityModule (UM) is a powerful, cutting-edge energy platform that wraps the broker and customer interaction into one comprehensive utility tracking software application. Created as an all-encompassing tool, UtilityModule assists both brokers and their customers in managing their energy, while unlocking business efficiencies. This is accomplished by utilizing best-in-class energy tracking capabilities that provide crucial data which can be leveraged to make better energy decisions, drive action, and gain greater control of energy needs and consumption.

Brokers and their customers can confidently rely on UtilityModule, a carefully crafted utility tracking software program, to accurately and easily manage utility costs and consumption, efficiently monitor budgets for all properties and meters, and ensure compliance with local benchmarking laws, while identifying potential problem areas.

Energy Dashboard

The UtilityModule energy dashboard provides the user with a consolidated view of all utility data in one place for a quick and easy overview of how all of your utility accounts are performing. From high-level to granular data, users can efficiently monitor energy data to see how each account is performing by viewing portfolio, property, building, or meter level data.

Usage and Cost

UtilityModule visualizes the relationships and comparisons between consumption, costs, and budgets into charts, widgets and tabular data. This allows end-users to easily understand the utility data being displayed, accurately gauge how they are utilizing energy throughout various utility types and identify any anomalies that may exist.

Ultimately, UtilityModule provides the user with the power to make effective energy decisions and realize savings, by offering utility tracking software that provides the ability to proactively monitor energy consumption, costs and budget data on a portfolio, property, building, and meter level.

Energy Budgets

UtilityModule provides users with an easy-to-use budget wizard tool that creates and locks in an energy budget for the year that is based on projected usage and cost. In a volatile energy marketplace, the budget wizard enables the user to mitigate the risk of exceeding their energy budget by allocating sufficient capital. Users can stay on top of their energy budgets from anywhere, with UtilityModule’s customizable alert settings, that will generate email notifications if you begin to exceed your budgeted usage and costs.

EPA Benchmarking Compliance

Utility tracking software such as UtilityModule ensures that property owners are compliant in cities where EPA Energy Star benchmarking is required. Numerous cities, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., have enacted EPA benchmarking laws that require business owners of commercial buildings to submit energy usage data into EPA Portfolio Manager. Since UtilityModule already collects the usage data for all properties and meters, it can be seamlessly submitted to Portfolio Manager on your behalf.

Aside from complying with benchmarking laws, businesses can also leverage this energy data to conduct an energy comparison between buildings of similar size and type. UtilityModule provides users with metrics so they can better understand their energy needs, as well as how efficiently energy is being used throughout a portfolio of properties.

Final Thoughts

UtilityModule offers brokers and their customers robust features to help businesses or property owners improve operational efficiencies and manage their energy needs. UtilityModule is an intuitive, easy-to-use utility tracking application that provides crucial insights into energy consumption, cost, and budgeting. Whether it’s understanding your utility costs and usage, or meeting EPA benchmarking compliance, UtilityModule is the all-encompassing utility tracking software that can address all your energy management needs.

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