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The Benefits of Energy Broker Management Software

As an energy broker, you’re faced with intense competition. With prices and revenue depressing, you not only need a way to intelligently grow your portfolio, but also a way to reduce churn to continue to stay profitable in a tight market.

Why Use Energy Broker Management Software

Our energy broker management software provides a comprehensive solution that not only helps you address those needs but also helps you to create new forms of value and create sticky relationships like never before. Fully branded and automated, our energy broker management software was built with user experience in mind. It’s easy to use and helps augment and improve your workflow.

Our cutting-edge energy broker management software wraps the supplier, broker, and customer interaction into one comprehensive platform. Our software is an all-encompassing tool that brokers can utilize to manage their businesses more efficiently while delivering best-in-class customer experiences. This allows brokers to retain customers, focus efforts on generating new revenue, and exceed everyone’s expectations in the process.

With such a comprehensive solution, your customers will be more inclined to grow their business with you.

Our Energy Broker Management Software Products

EnergyAuctions (EA)

EnergyAuctions (EA) is a reverse auction platform managed by energy brokers. It is fully transparent and auditable. EA puts businesses in control of their energy needs as they can watch bids in real time and make a decision based on the bids that best offer them value.

Furthermore, EA provides suppliers with all of the pertinent information they require to perform their due diligence and optimize their bids for the most value. In the end, this incentivizes suppliers to offer competitively priced contracts that save your customers money.

Supplier Admin Portal (SAP)

The Supplier Admin Portal (SAP) connects suppliers and brokers in a shared portal to improve the lines of communication between each party and ensure they always have access to important and time-sensitive information. Brokers and suppliers can exchange documentation related to pricing opportunities and suppliers receive post-bid stats to help them optimize their future bids.

It’s the ultimate tool for strengthening broker/supplier relationships by improving communication and the exchange of data that allow each party to perform their best.

Contract Management Portal (CMP)

The Contract Management Portal (CMP) enables brokers to automate, prioritize and attract customers with ease and flexibility. With the ability to stay on top of contracts, expirations, and renewals easily, more time can be spent on growing the portfolio and providing a great customer experience (CX). 

UtilityModule (UM)

UtilityModule (UM) is utility tracking software that helps your customers manage their energy needs. With proprietary algorithms that factor in weather-normalization, UM is able to project utility and supplier costs for future years to help your customers confidently set a budget.

UM not only assists customers in energy management, but it also allows brokers to better manage their energy which is useful when going to market for a new contract.

Business Intelligence Portal (BIP)

The Business Intelligence Portal (BIP) helps energy brokers manage their entire portfolio including leads, contracts, pricing opportunities, margin, and sales. The data is presented as informative and actionable insights in an easy to use dashboard.  The visual nature of the BIP supports energy executives in easily evaluating their brokerage and helps them identify opportunities and threats.

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