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Business Energy Solutions for Your Energy Brokerage

Albireo’s energy management platform provides business energy solutions for energy brokers. With a 365 strategy, including software offerings for your customers and suppliers, Albireo’s software can help any energy broker increase the performance.

Why Invest in Business Energy Solutions?

From our user experience (UX) research, we know business energy solutions can provide energy brokers with the opportunity to achieve greater operational efficiencies and develop new forms of value to offer their customers. Likewise, we designed our software with this in mind to help brokers, suppliers, and commercial business owners navigate the volatile energy marketplace. 

Our Business Energy Solutions

Supplier Admin Portal

The SAP is an energy management application that helps brokers interact with suppliers by providing a platform for brokers to contact suppliers directly about pricing opportunities and manage bids. The SAP also provides suppliers with all of the necessary data, such as past utility billing and other documents needed for due diligence, to help suppliers provide the fairest price based on the account.

Brokers are able to place pricing opportunities in the SAP for suppliers to respond to. Depending on whether the broker accepts the bid or not on behalf of the commercial business owner, suppliers will be alerted by the SAP.

Contract Management Portal

The CMP was designed with sales staff and business workflow in mind. With the ability to manage leads, sales, contracts, and commissions in one convenient platform, businesses can focus more on growing the portfolio and providing great customer experiences, versus responding to churn.

Business Intelligence Portal

The BIP is an energy analytics dashboard that helps brokers manage all aspects of their business operations by combining sales, asset management, and performance all in one intelligent application. With the ability to track sales revenue, contracts, and pricing opportunities, the BIP provides management of all customer needs throughout the entire customer lifecycle. From providing portfolio insights to contract analysis, the BIP provides businesses with a holistic view of their business operations and uncovers problem areas.

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