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Benefits of Energy Data Management

Albireo’s cloud-based energy data management system helps brokers and suppliers optimize their business efficiency. By making energy data management easy and supportive of businesses, customers can track usage, improve the budgeting process, and meet benchmarking compliance requirements.

Data is a valuable currency in the modern-day business climate. This is particularly true of energy management. Finding ways to track energy usage, cost, and spend becomes imperative in keeping your business lean and competitive. Here are just a few of the many benefits of energy data management.

Energy Data Management Software for Operational Efficiency

By implementing Albireo’s software, business energy data management becomes an operational efficiency instead of an operational cost. By managing energy contracts through the Supplier Admin Portal (SAP) and EnergyAuctions (EA) platforms, brokers can ensure they are receiving competitive bids for their services. With branded auctions, brokers not only get to improve their service lineup, they can also extend the reach of their brands by putting energy management at the forefront of their businesses.

Using a tool like the Contract Management Portal, brokers can automate their contract management process and track valuable sales information in their funnel for implementation. With less time focused on managing and tracking customer contracts, you can allocate more time to your sales process, thereby improving the operational efficiency of your business.

Improving Reporting and Transparency with Energy Data Management Software

UtilityModule (UM) provides businesses and brokers with a holistic view of an organization’s total energy usage. Paired with energy costs and metering data, brokers can learn significantly more information about their customers and effectively aid them in both procurement and energy efficiency strategies.

On the other side, the Supplier Admin Portal (SAP) provides suppliers with all the necessary consumer information they need before placing bids on aggregations. The main objectives of SAP are to improve contract execution, document exchange, and bidding opportunities through increased transparency.

In turn, with tools like UtilityModule, the Contract Management Portal, and the Supplier Admin Portal, businesses, brokers, and suppliers are paired with all the necessary energy and contract data they need to report to stakeholders and other relevant personnel.

Optimizing Budgeting with Energy Data Management Software

Finally, with the use of UtilityModule, businesses can improve and simplify the budgeting process. UtilityModule provides a variety of features, including providing businesses with month-over-month energy cost data to match against their allocated budget. Through this platform, brokers can assist businesses in creating accurate budgets for the upcoming year that best reflect market trends and internal organizational needs.

Final Thoughts

To gain the benefits of proper energy management, brokers and suppliers should consider implementing the energy applications that fit their respective business models. With increased transparency and budgeting features, energy no longer becomes an operational cost, but rather, an operational efficiency. Let UtilityModule show you the benefits of energy data management.

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