May 15, 2018 | Technology

EnergyAuctions (EA) Features

EnergyAuctions (EA) is an online, reverse auction platform for electricity and natural gas procurement. With EA, brokers and small businesses can take back control of their energy procurement needs by flipping the energy market into a buyer’s market. With more choice comes more competitive options, which means that businesses can get the best deals available to meet their energy needs.

EA is an energy management resource that is open, transparent, auditable, and populated with your select suppliers. With increased transparency comes greater trust, as your customers can watch live auctions as they occur live. Here’s just a few features of what EA has to offer.

Features of EnergyAuctions (EA)

  • Auction Setup: Create an auction from a pricing opportunity
  • Supplier Invites: Invite suppliers to participate in an auction
  • Due Diligence: Provide customer data and terms to suppliers for their due diligence
  • Auction Bidding: Conduct live auction where suppliers bid in real time
  • Post Deal Completion: Provide suppliers with stats upon completion of auction

Not only does EA help customers find the best deals for their energy needs, it also enables brokers to perform due diligence to obtain the contracts that make the most sense for their clients. In turn, this strengthens the relationship between brokers and their customers, which ultimately benefits all parties involved.

Provide your customers with a state-of-the-art online, reverse auction platform that’s branded with your company logo, colors, and linked to your website. Find more information about energy procurement here.

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