May 17, 2018 | Technology

Business Intelligence Portal (BIP) Features

The Business Intelligence Portal (BIP) is part of Albireo’s energy management platform, revolutionizing the way businesses handle their energy needs. The BIP is an energy analytics software platform that provides brokers insight into a wide range of key areas, including revenue tracking, contract management, and much more.

Using these insights, broker executives can analyze the performance of their businesses as a whole, as well as on a more granular level. Use BIP to understand the growth of your portfolio, areas where your business is a faltering, and areas of your business that deserve greater attention.

Business Intelligence Portal (BIP) Features

  • Revenue Tracking – Track revenue across all energy products
  • Sales Performance – Track sales rep performance across your organization
  • Portfolio Insights – Review the performance of your entire portfolio
  • Contract Analysis – Check the status of all contracts for your organization’s sales reps
  • Pricing Opportunities – Monitor pricing opportunities for forward-looking energy analytics
  • Monitor Key Energy Statistics – Customized energy dashboard to evaluate your business’ overall performance.

With forward-thinking energy analytics software, you can also discover areas where your business can be proactive, such as procurement and sales. Overall, business intelligence software is the lifeblood of any modern enterprise and your brokerage will benefit from our all-in-one energy management suite.

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