May 29, 2018 | Trends, Technology

How to Improve Energy Efficiency Using Software

According to an Energy Star report, commercial buildings waste about 30% of their energy usage. The need for commercial energy efficiency practices has never been more important in order for businesses to remain competitive.

Reducing energy usage and costs may be a desired goal, but many businesses don’t know how or where to start. Fortunately, with Albireo’s energy management suite, brokers and businesses can discover new ways to improve energy efficiency.

What is Energy Efficiency?

Commercial energy efficiency can be defined as reducing greenhouse emissions while sustaining the same level of energy demand. This does not necessarily entail reducing energy usage as whole, although this would be considered more efficient.

One example of becoming more energy efficiency would be by switching incandescent bulbs to LEDs bulb to achieve the same degree of lighting. But this does not necessarily mean that your business should immediately switch out all of its bulbs. It’s important to compare the return on investment of an initiative with the savings more efficient energy usage will produce before making a commitment.

On the enterprise level, implementing energy efficiency changes begins with data analytics. You need to methodically track your energy usage in order to effectively manage it. Only then can you form a basis for determining how to improve your energy efficiency.

Improve Energy Efficiency With UtilityModule

UtilityModule (UM), our utility tracking software, can help you achieve energy efficiency by supplying you with in-depth knowledge of your organization’s total energy usage and cost data. With this knowledge, your organization can conduct an energy management audit to discover problem areas where peak demand is making up the most of your energy usage and costing you money.

UM provides an easy-to-use-dashboard that provides comparisons of energy usage by building and evaluates the performance of each building in your portfolio against similar buildings. This can provide ideas on how to improve energy efficiency, such as investing in new equipment or reducing consumption during peak demand hours.

Improve Energy Efficiency With Data Analytics

Reducing consumption and improving commercial energy efficiency starts with understanding where problem areas exist in your organization. Energy management monitoring is key to energy efficiency, and UM can help by providing you with the necessary metering and cost data to effectively make these decisions. As always, you should first calculate the return on investment before purchasing new technology to determine how much you can improve energy efficiency while staying within budget.

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