May 30, 2018 | Technology

Contract Management Portal (CMP) Features

The Contract Management Portal (CMP) is part of Albireo’s energy management platform. The CMP can help energy sales teams run more smoothly by leveraging the benefits of an energy management system. Using our own set of proprietary tools, the CMP is designed to simply and efficiently manage your portfolio of contracts while delivering improved customer service.

Contract Management Portal (CMP) Features

With the help of our automated system, your sales team can focus its efforts on selling and leave energy asset management to our CRMP energy software. This platform offers a host of features to actively track and manage your energy asset needs, including:

  • Commissions
  • Contracts
  • CRM Leads
  • Customer Administration
  • Portfolio Maintenance

Let’s face it, the larger your brokerage becomes, the more difficult it becomes to provide personalized service. In fact, many customer contracts and administrative duties simply fall into a collective bucket where no one gets the care and attention they require.

Not only can the CMP actively improve customer retention rates, but it can allow you to contract more easily with new customers. By tracking leads, sales, and commissions, you can discover which sales tactics work most effectively for your business.

Leverage the CMP for optimal energy asset management to expand your portfolio while giving customers the one-on-one attention they deserve.

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