Jun 3, 2018 | Trends, Technology

Strategic Energy Management for Energy Brokers

In order for brokers to drive the most business value to their customers, they need to engage in strategic energy management. One way to achieve this is through the combination of energy aggregations to create purchasing power and an online reverse auction that enable brokers to create transparent competition between suppliers.

But What is Strategic Energy Management?

At Albireo Energy, we believe strategic energy management is the bedrock of a sustainable relationship between energy brokers and their customers. Today, there is fierce competition in the market.  There are often thousands of brokers that you could choose to work with in your market, and all are competing on price. However, most are still competing the old way: one account at a time and trying to get direct bids from suppliers.  

This old method usually does not work well for the customer, nor does it help the customer transparently understand the results of the transaction.  Likewise, we feel that the key to a successful energy relationship is a data-driven customer-first approach that leverages software to strategically achieve results that are beneficial, and sustainable.

Energy Aggregations with the Supplier Admin Portal

By using the Albireo platform, energy brokers are able to create energy aggregations based on similar load profiles of their customers and put the aggregation out to bid for suppliers through the Supplier Admin Portal (SAP). In the SAP, suppliers are able to bid on the entire aggregation, thereby incentivizing with the potential to quickly grow their portfolio of accounts with the same amount of effort as it would take them to bid on one account. The net result is frequently an incredibly competitive price.

Online Reverse Auctions with EnergyAuctions (EA)

With the use of EnergyAuctions (EA), energy brokers can create transparent reverse energy auctions that go blind for the suppliers in the last minute. This format not only creates fierce competition between brokers but also provides the level of clarity your customers deserve. While the auction is running, the customer will be able to watch all prices in real time and learn from the metrics that help them realize their savings in the future contract.

Learn More About Strategic Energy Management

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